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Tutoria is making it easier for matric and intermediate students to have a brighter future by enabling them to learn better and score better on exams. 

Pakistan’s first digital self study platform that offers personalized exam-preparation material for matric and intermediate students. Tutoria is not meant as a replacement to the traditional educational system but a supporting companion to students on their academic journey. 

Each student has a unique blend of aptitudes. Some students may require extra time to understand material while others may go through it quickly. Students who require extra help on certain topics can get it from Tutoria, on their own time. Curriculum available on Tutoria is for Matric, Fsc (Pre Med + Pre Eng), ICS and I-Com.  

With an intuitive easy to use layout, Tutoria has video lectures (for free) in Urdu, organized according to each chapter, making it easy to find what is needed. All boards are covered including Federal, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, KPK and AJK.  

Every topic on Tutoria has been developed according to the best academic standards so students of respective boards can get precisely what they are looking for. The content is taught by qualified, experienced teachers and has been through rigorous testing to ensure that only the highest quality material is offered. 

In line with the founder’s vision of Tutoria being a reliable, practical and highly accessible self-study platform, it also offers customized exam preparation material at a fraction of the cost of traditional learning. All material is designed specifically around each board’s requirements. This is meant to not only supplement the studies of students who attend school but to also enable millions of students across Pakistan who lack access to traditional education. 

Students can use hundreds of past papers to test themselves before exams to find out their weak spots which can then be rectified immediately using Tutoria’s vast library of quality video lectures and book notes. Quizzes are also available to cement the concepts students learn so they can perform at their best in exams.  

Tutoria has diversified its e-learning model to nurture the student’s academic growth while stimulating their personal development. Articles and how to guides on study skills are regularly posted on the blog at Tutoria’s website.  

Due to the closure of schools caused by Covid-19, many students are experiencing an interruption in their studies. Without being in school it is sometimes not possible to get extra time from teachers to understand a difficult topic. With Tutoria, students can learn whatever they are struggling with in the comfort of their own home, test themselves on it, and get book notes to revise for later before exam time.   

Tutoria brings the perfect blend of innovation and technology that fits each students unique routine.  

According to UNICEF, Pakistan has the second highest number of out of school children in the world, with many areas even devoid of school buildings. Seeing the abysmal situation the Founder of Tutoria, Umair, who has a background in engineering, envisioned an accessible, affordable method of education that could lift people out of their circumstances into a better future. Tutoria is on a mission to enhance learning of students across Pakistan by creating a customized system that caters to the needs of students individually at a national scale.  

At NIC, the Tutoria team picked up many aspects of succeeding as a start-up from their mentors who served as a great source of inspiration and support. The team believes in overcoming fears by tackling the challenges that come on the entrepreneurial journey head on.  

If you are a student who wants to learn more and ace their exams, then join thousands of students who are on Tutoria and begin your customized journey to academic success! 

Tutoria is available on Android and iOS. 

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Founder Detail: 

Umair Kamil: CEO 

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