National Incubation Center

Why choose the NIC

On the 7th of February 2017, the first National Incubation Center was launched in Islamabad. Developed to further the vision of a Digital Pakistan, and funded by Ignite – National Technology Fund, NIC Pakistan is the first of its kind. A shared space providing state-of-the-art facilities, a bridge between entrepreneurs, innovators and investors, a hub for innovation. A place born to nurture and grow talent from across Pakistan, powered by Jazz and Teamup, under the umbrella of the Ministry of IT and Telecom.

Rabeel Warraich invites aspiring entrepreneurs to join the NIC

The Pakistani startup ecosystem has been growing at an accelerated pace, with Pakistani startup founders bringing forward innovative and disruptive ideas that are attracting investor interest, as well as establishing Pakistan as an emerging startup market on the global map.

The establishment of National Incubation Centers across the country by the Ministry of IT and Telecom, has been pivotal in the growth of the ecosystem in recent years. As we progress towards a more mature ecosystem, it is imperative to focus on regional growth and development and to harness the potential of local talent for sector focused growth.

The NIC offers a range of FREE benefits for startups

The startup landscape has changed tremendously over the past 5 years, in terms of openness and receptivity for entrepreneurship, with young people leading the way forward. Pakistan has one of the world’s youngest populations, a trend seen continuing until at least 2050, according to the United Nations Development Programme and the NIC has strategically designed its offerings to cater to them. To further the aspirations of the Pakistani youth, enabling them with the tools to build the future economy of Pakistan, in line with the vision for ‘Entrepreneurship Led Economic Growth’ in Pakistan.

Award Winning Co-working space

The National Incubation Center itself, was recognized at the Asia Pacific Awards in Bangkok, winning an award for “Inspiring Interior Design and Architecture”. At the NIC we are fostering a positive image of Pakistan, with important delegations, state guests, celebrities, and corporates visiting frequently. The NIC is considered a ‘buzzing center of innovation and inspiration’ and is often graced by the Pakistani diaspora and international entrepreneurship community, in addition to local dignitaries. 

Mentorship and Coaching

We are working with educational institutes, the investment community, the media, corporates, the Pakistani diaspora and mentors and advisors in Pakistan and abroad, to take the startup ecosystem to the next stage and to continue making a social and economic impact in Pakistan.

The mentorship program at the NIC is designed to accelerate the growth of startups. Our mentors include people who have made it big in the Corporate and the startup world, industry veterans, domain specialists, celebrities, govt official and the list doesn’t stop there. The aim is to give young founders access to new ways of thinking.

Startup Training

The NIC management team from Jazz, Teamup and Ignite working together to bridge gaps for startups has been a pivotal component to their success.

At the NIC startup founders are given a range of consultations, mentorship, 1 to 1 and group sessions to get the support they need. This could be design, marketing, finance, legal or HR related.

Working together the management team ensures founders get the support they need. This can prove pivotal in startups making the right decisions early on to ensure sustainability. 

Custom designed curriculum

Startups are the building blocks of the knowledge economy and the NIC is consistently nurturing startups from inception and enabling them to blossom and flourish with access to a custom-built curriculum.

At the NIC we have developed a 16-week custom designed curriculum for inducted startups, in line with todays needs. The courses are divided into two categories depending on whether the startup is at incubation or acceleration stage. The curriculum is delivered by domain experts and covers all the startup development stages from concept to commercialization of a product or service.

Commercialization and Industry Linkages

The NIC is a hub is a hub for inspiration and innovation with regular bootcamps, workshops, conferences, leadership talks and hackathons. In addition, due to strong industry linkages startups incubated here are encouraged to attend a range of external networking events. This provides our startups an opportunity to engage and interact with relevant people and form valuable partnerships.

Some of our honorable guests have included The President of Pakistan, Ambassadors from various countries, representatives from the World Bank, from the Media, from Academia, Investors, Tech Billionaires and Serial Entrepreneur, to name a few.

Investment Opportunities

The National Incubation Center works in collaboration with key stakeholders including international and local VC’s, Angel Investors, Regulators, and Government officials along with our valuable partners Ignite – National Technology Fund – Ministry Of IT & Telecom and Jazz have been working vigilantly to put forward key recommendations for the growth of the startup ecosystem in Pakistan.

Several of our initiatives include The National Investor Roundtables and Summits held at the NIC not only create the opportunity for startups and investors to interact, but also bring emerging investment challenges to the forefront to explore possibilities for collaboration and policy revision, to help take the ecosystem forward. 

Inclusivity and diversity

The NIC has given a platform to the differently abled, marginalized communities and women; with 21% of our startup’s being female led, a percentage that rivals those of international incubators around the world (average 17%). The NIC is also one of the few work-places in Pakistan with a daycare center to facilitate women entrepreneurs.

The NIC strongly believes in creating an inclusive culture by empowering marginalized communities in any way they can. With a lift-installed and a completely differently abled friendly building, we open our doors for founders who face any physical, visual or hearing impairment.