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The Aam Sawari App is a breakthrough for public transport in the country

Do you use public transport to travel locally? Keeping track of the ever-changing timings and routes can be a hassleAam Sawari is here to assist youThe application is creating a seamless experience for commuters using public transport. It allows users to navigate through routes and available transport options along with rates 

Founded by a team of software engineers from UET Taxila, Aam Sawari is your goto resource for getting where you want to via public transport, while saving time and money. 

The Aam Sawari app gives you a schedule that shows estimated time of vehicle arrival, guides you on which routes are the shortest and where exactly to switch vehicles when travelling on longer routes. Instead of worrying about which stop to get off on next and whether you’ll end up on the opposite side of the city, you can sit back, relax and listen to your favorite songs. The app also lists the current transport charges for different areas or regions one needs to travel toSo, the next time you hop on a new route, you will know the charges in advance.  

In line with their mission to revolutionize public transport in the interest of the general public as well as optimizing operations for transporters,  Aam Sawari is going above and beyond just scheduling and information visibility. If you want public transport to operate on a route of your choice, Aam Sawari can help you. Now that is a revolution! How can I get started you ask? 

Install the Aam Sawari App,and search for the route you want to travel to and get other p people around you who want to go on that route to do the same. If Aam Sawari gets enough searches, it will show them as proof of demand to transport companies and governmental bodies and advocate your case for creating a new route.  

The Aam Sawari team, incubated at the National Incubation Center, is launching this app currently only for vans. Later, they plan to expand operations to bring the entire public transport onto their app for a true one-stop solution. So, what are you waiting for? Free yourself from unnecessary hassle and download the Aam Sawari App here  

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Founder Detail: 

Muhammad Zubair Riaz – Co-Founder, Aam Sawari

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