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Techflo- Enhancing Customer Experience through Artificial Intelligence

Tired of getting bogged down with repetitive business tasks? Whether it’s scheduling meetings or answering the same set of customer questions on your website; it can get frustrating to spend time on the mundane.  What if you could automate some of these routine tasks, free yourself from the minutiae of everyday, and focus your time and energy on your most important business goals? TechFlo is here for just that.

These bots are created to generate leads, give you insights and are online 24/7

TechFlo is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup at the NIC and they have  developed an AI software to take care of routine communication and meeting scheduling, allowing you to be more productive and focus on important organizational goals. 

Most visitors to your website for example, often have the same set of questions in mind. These are called FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions, and TechFlo’s solution can provide the answers, right when your customers ask them, greatly reducing the load on your customer care department. This means you can engage more closely with warm leads, spending less time and getting more conversions.

Tabish Raza - CEO Techflo

Tabish the founder of Techflo, faced problems at work, when most of his time was consumed by redundant tasks, hampering his productivity. Tabish firmly believes that focus on strategic business goals is the key to success, and envisions to leverage AI for reshaping the future of work.   Tabish believes that being part of the NIC community has contributed significantly towards this growth as an entrepreneur. 

“Access to world class mentors and the enriching curriculum sessions have made us think and re-think over our business model. The learnings at the NIC have allowed us to finetune our offering to the needs of our customers.”  So, if you are a business owner, and are seeking technology to drive positive change in your business, head over to and witness the power of AI in enhancing your business productivity.  

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Founder Detail: Tabish Raza – CEO Techflo

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