National Incubation Center


Kiraye Per

Kiraye Per- a one-stop solution catering to customers product and service needs An online marketplace connecting service providers from multiple industries to users, and allowing individuals to sell/rent out products directly to customers. Tech: Web, MobileIndustry: E-Commerce, Household Services

Store in Home

Store in Home- an online grocery stores aggregator platform An online aggregator platform, allowing customers to view prices, see availability, and order gorceries from nearby stores. Tech: Web, MobileIndustry: E-Commerce

Digi Khata

Digi Khata- helping MSMEs manage credit A mobile application that allows MSMEs to record, report and collect credit. Tech: MobileIndustry: Fintech


Grocerli- an online grocery place An online grocery store, delivering high quality grocery products to customers Tech: Web, MobileIndustry: E-Commerce

Retail Trends

Retail Trends- transforming the retail industry through digitalization of channels and payments Using technology to bridge gap between manufacturers and retailers, and allowing FMCGs to convert cash to digital money Tech: MobileIndustry: Retail, Fintech


Fuellay Building a platform for pump managements to put their bad debt experiences for the public benefit and gain from the community’s experiences. This eco-system automatically builds the needed database of debtors/defaulters against their license plate Links: Website: Information: – Cohort 7 – Incubated– Technologies: Web, Mobile – Industries: Transport


WorkCycle A SaaS-enabled marketplace offering services across industries while maintaining the experience of a vertical marketplace. Links: Website: Information: – Cohort 7 – Incubated– Technology: Mobile, Web– Industries: Production


Appointbox An end-to-end system designed for managing business operations for salons, simultaneously serving as an aggregator for multiple salons, providing visibility to customers and allowing them to book appointments in real-time. Links: Website: Information: – Cohort 7 – Incubated– Technologies: Web, Mobile– Industries: Fashion, Shared Economy


Augment Care AugmentCare is leveraging mobile technology to make healthcare more accessible by connecting patients with doctors, making medical advice on the go possible. A one-stop solution for all your medical needs! Links: Website: Information: Cohort 4 – Incubated Technologies: Industry: Finance Updates:


Stash Stash is a startup which is making grocery shopping easy. The idea is to develop an online platform that gives customers access to nearby grocery stores. The groceries will be delivered at doorstep and will give customers multiple payment methods with detailed information of items selected. Delivery could be traced once the order is …

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