National Incubation Center

Teamup Concludes Entrepreneurship Bootcamp At NIC

The entrepreneurship bootcamp was designed specifically for young individuals who are prepared to validate the feasibility of their business concept and build on their business models.

The bootcamp kicked off on the 12th of March with opening remarks from Parvez Abbasi, Project Director, National Incubation Center, Thomas Montgomery, Public Diplomacy Officer, American Embassy, and Saad Sohail, Manager – Digital Platforms and Entrepreneurship, Jazz.

The five-day entrepreneurship bootcamp included teaching and mentoring sessions on the startup ecosystem in Pakistan. Trainers taught participants about the basics of running a business i.e. market sizing, revenue models, business model development, lean startup methodology, customer acquisition, negotiation, and more.

Participants also learned about the Jazz Xlr8 program at the NIC, and the pivotal role Jazz is playing in laying down a sustainable technology ecosystem in Pakistan.

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The National Incubation Center (NIC) Program is a funded project of Ignite – Ministry of IT & Telecom.