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The Pakistani Startup Space is Scaling Up

The local startup ecosystem in Pakistan is quickly gaining momentum. Abundant talent and a large market, growing interest from the government and private sector, increasing appetite of investors, and an improving regulatory climate paint a promising picture for Pakistan’s emergence as a strong South Asian startup market.  The startup ecosystem in Pakistan is witnessing increasing …

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HoNICs: mimAR

Since childhood, I’ve always wanted to stand out with a sense of deviation from the norm. While studying at NUST, I knew I couldn’t follow the herd. Neither the idea of 9-5 job, nor having a ‘conventional design studio’ appealed.  I started freelancing in 2013, while I was in my Junior Year. At that time, …

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HoNICs: Saving 9

Growing up I loved playing Pokemon. There was something magical about beginning with a weak creature, and then training it and watching it evolve and become strong.   One of my favourite Pokemon is Magikarp. It’s a tiny fish that can’t do anything but splash around – can’t win any battles, and can’t learn any new …

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