“Live Comfortably, Safely, and Without Shame with Gulabi Code”

“Live Comfortably, Safely, and Without Shame with Gulabi Code”

“Live Comfortably, Safely, and Without Shame with Gulabi Code”

Gulabi Code, a startup founded by women for women, is bringing a solution to women’s reproductive health issues, particularly periods. Periods are usually a hush-hush topic and are considered taboo in society. Lack of open communication leads to misconceptions in the minds of numerous women, causing them to use products or methods that are unhygienic and sometimes downright harmful, causing some women to contract horrible illnesses that could have been prevented in the first place.

The United Nations has declared menstrual hygiene a public health issue around the world. In Pakistan, 49% of young women have little to no knowledge of periods before their first period. This inadequate access to menstrual hygiene education and tools (like sanitary products) results in misinformation about periods which is a contributing factor to why many girls around Pakistan feel ashamed to talk about what they go through during this time.

The Gulabi Code team is committed to creating an environment that supports women in order to improve menstrual hygiene and lead healthier lives. The Gulabi Code is a one-stop solution to women’s reproductive and personal hygiene issues for counseling, guiding, and resolving.

“Live Comfortably, Safely, and Without Shame with Gulabi Code”

Founded by graduates of NUST Business School, Islamabad, Gulabi Code started out as a test idea for a project and after receiving an overwhelming response, the founders decided to take the idea further and got selected for incubation at the National Incubation Center.

Gulabi Code created a Periods Box for women as an initial step. This includes a monthly planner with a period tracker and contains all essential items required for the monthly cycle such as high-quality sanitary products.

The Periods Box is designed for accessibility; its costs are lower than the total price of essential items purchased individually. You can head on over to Gulabi Code’s Instagram page to see the full content. By ordering online, get free delivery across Pakistan 

With a focus on community building, Gulabi Code also offers online support to women about using the essentials in The Periods Box and making the right decisions regarding their reproductive health.

The Founders are currently working on their next initiative to open the door for women of rural communities to menstrual hygiene support, traditionally using unhygienic health supplies that cause common diseases.

From the curriculum sessions at NIC, the founders have absorbed invaluable knowledge about the scaling process from mentors who have years of experience in running and scaling businesses. Being a part of a supportive community has provided Gulabi Code with the springboard it needs to fulfill its mission of reaching women across Pakistan.

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