Keep your employees happy with ResourceInn

Keep your employees happy with ResourceInn

The human resource management system of a corporation can determine whether it becomes an industry leader as it scales or experiences a decline due to bad management. It is a vital aspect of running an organization like a well-oiled machine.

Making employees feel valued is critical for promoting a growth-oriented culture to help achieve business goals. This means streamlining workflow, proactively taking action to influence positive employee behavior, and conducting smooth payroll operations free of irregularities or delays, ResourceInn helps you do just that.

ResourceInn is the right tool for organizations that want to streamline their HR and payroll operations.

Keep your employees happy with ResourceInn

Used by over 100+ organizations in Pakistan and abroad, ResourceInn is your partner for maximizing workforce efficiency. The software allows you to break free from the monotony of manual scheduling. A well-defined workforce schedule can be created in a few clicks, with automated notifications for the employees for timely action and response.

By using inbuilt formulas for complex calculations, human error is minimized and the efficiency of payroll operations is greatly enhanced. 

The software

  • enables cloud-based biometric attendance of employees and keeps managers updated on employee attendance and leaves. 
  • allows location-based attendance via GPS using a mobile app, to mark attendance for field workers and
  • has a restriction feature that prevents marking presence outside the authorized location.

Businesses having branches in multiple countries can deploy and adapt the system in local languages. Currently, ResourceInn is available in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.  

With all the HR data captured digitally, ResourceInn generates custom Business Intelligence dashboards that provide key information about work performance so you can transform data into actions for reducing employee turnover.

Every business desires a secure HR solution. ResourceInn has placed a top priority on creating a data handling system that ensures the protection of data from any kind of illegal loss, theft, or unauthorized sharing.

ResourceInn uses AWS Cloud services that have 24/7 security monitoring along with SSL and application security. With multi-location backups updated daily, you can work without the fear of losing key information.

From manufacturing and logistics to retail to construction and engineering, ResourceInn’s customized solution can be used to boost workforce efficiency across industries.

Founded in 2015 by a team of Computer Science graduates, ResourceInn is focused on generating innovative solutions that allow organizations to thrive and help them streamline HR operations to achieve business goals.  Employee training programs are a key feature of Resource Inn’s culture for maintaining a stress-free working atmosphere.

An easy-to-use with minimal response time, ResourceInn supports agile systems and can be used for A/B testing new ideas in HR to maximize efficiency. 

ResourceInn provides 24/7 technical support alongside integrations with several popular apps including QuickBooks and Slack for a fully customizable experience.

Monitor your workforce through a laptop, tablet, or mobile (Android & iOS) and explore other services ResourceInn has to offer such as Recruitment, Loans and Advances, Talent Management, and End of Employment Services at

To request a personalized demo, contact ResoureInn by filling the form at:

or contact the team: +92 332 4858530, +92 42 35453170

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