Free Animated Education- Bridging gap in education

Free Animated Education- Bridging gap in education

Free Animated Education, a startup at the NIC is creating quality educational videos that are relevant, understandable, and most importantly scalable.

When millions of children are out of school in Pakistan with many schools facing staff shortages and following outdated curriculums, Free Animated Education is an integrated solution to educate and inspire the next generation of Pakistani students.

Free Animated Education creates animated videos that make concepts fun to learn.

Animations provide greater context and understanding than a still image in a book or the written word. Currently, the subjects offered range from Mathematics to Physics and Biology, with more in store for release soon.

The startup aims to create a comprehensive library of videos for all concepts from primary school till intermediate level; a personal reference library that students can access anytime from anywhere with an internet-connected device.

Schools can use these videos as supportive material to enhance students’ learning along with the usual teaching methodology. Meanwhile, students can use the videos to improve their concepts about topics they find difficult during homework assignments and can revise for their exams at their own pace.

Free Animated Education- Bridging gap in education

Whether it’s the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration in Biology or the details of vector quantities in Physics, Free Animated Education has it covered.

Featuring videos in English as well as Urdu, Free Animated Education aims to be an inclusive resource for students across Pakistan. As more content develops, numerous concepts will be translated into regional languages to facilitate the understanding and comprehension of students from diverse backgrounds.

The team behind Free Animated Education believes that in these times of great difficulty, providing quality education can make a significant difference in the lives of students and their families. Spreading education digitally brings down costs of infrastructure and gets content to areas where schools don’t exist, all by leveraging widespread coverage of mobile internet.

Boasting hundreds of thousands of views across their platform, Free Animated Education is an initiative that is contributing towards making Pakistan a well-educated, prosperous nation.

Renowned schools and nonprofit organizations are working in collaboration with Free Animated Education, including Taleem Foundation, to aid students in their learning.

Schools, especially, have found the crisp and clear animations to be a great add-on to their curriculum. 

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