Food your way – BIG CHEF

Food your way - BIG CHEF

Do you have a knack for cooking? Why not make some money from it? If you like the idea, then Big Chef is the right platform for you.  

In the year 2020, Umair and his brother came up with the idea of developing a cloud kitchen that provides a platform for chefs and entrepreneurs. The Big Chefs make it possible for restaurants, food entrepreneurs, and chefs to operate delivery-only cloud kitchen sites with the low capital outlay and faster time to market.

Big chef is based in Pakistan. It is currently operating in Lahore and will soon be launching food brands for a famous YouTuber, Raza Samo of the Khujlee family and the Great Muhammad Ali. They have been reaching out and getting onboard new talented chefs and entrepreneurs. The procedure for onboarding is very simple- firstly they enlist the best dishes presented by chefs, then provide space and equipment after selection, and lastly, they launch the Food brand provides boxing and present packaging for them.

While a restaurant takes 6-12 months to open up, Big Chef shrinks the time to 15-30 days!

Big Chef is a breakthrough for the global restaurant industry- the concept of Restaurant on the Internet is breaking barriers in the industry and lower the cost of entry. This can be a game-changer as globally, 65% of restaurants shut down in the first year of operations, due to high costs and inadequate revenue  

Local companies, chefs, and food entrepreneurs can now benefit from the same economies of scale as larger brands at a fraction of the cost. Big Chef is opening Cloud kitchens, Dark kitchens, and shared kitchen spaces in high-demand locations across the country and in the MENA region, allowing you to extend your distribution network quickly and efficiently. It enables food companies to test new markets while also gaining immediate access to the food aggregator’s customer base. Big Chef provides three types of services- the virtual kitchen, the shared kitchen, and the franchise. Their specialties include delivery, cloud kitchens, ghost kitchens, virtual restaurants, delivery-only restaurants, multi-brand cloud kitchens, shared kitchen spaces, and co-working kitchen spaces.

The Big Chef team plans to expand its services to four major cities in Pakistan in the near future. Their services are already available in Lahore, and soon they will be able to deliver across the country.

Umair, the co-founder of Big Chef, currently resides in Saudi Arabia and hopes to develop his firm there in the future.

While incubated at the National Incubation Center, the team has mastered the art of pitching, built a great brand identity, and has become part of a great community of entrepreneurs, domain experts, and mentors.

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