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Snapthat is making it easier to buy your favourite dress

Who knew that not being able to find a loose fit denim would lead to the creation of an innovative startup.

One day Harris got frustrated with being unable to find a loose fit denim to his liking. His search through most of city’s markets was fruitless. He could find other types of denims but where in the world had loose fit gone?

The idea struck when Harris was discussing his ordeal with his friend, Haris. Why not have an app that tells you where you can find the clothes of your choice? That too at the best price.

After graduating both friends decided to go after their idea. In spite of facing doubts from friends and family, they pressed on. Not long after, their persistence paid off, getting them  accepted at the ultra competitive Y Combinator Startup School.

Snapthat is an app that identifies clothes from their snapshots. An Artificial Intelligence mechanism recognizes the type of cloth, it’s color combination and a host of other features and then identifies clothes with identical or similar attributes in an online database, displaying them in an instant.

If you find an outfit your friend is wearing to your liking, just take a snap with your phone and Snapthat will recommend all the online stores where you can buy it from. Not only that, it will tell you where you can buy that dress at the most economical price so you won’t have to trudge endlessly through a maze of shops to find the best piece.      

The gutsy co-founders believe that in the face of formidable challenges facing the country, it is their personal responsibility to make a contribution for the betterment of society instead of being dragged down by cynicism and negativity.

In the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, they had to face many doubts from friends and family about starting a venture from scratch. But they believed in themselves and put in the work. Their ethos is that staying focused will get you to your destination if you also have the flexibility to adapt to the circumstances around you.

Becoming a part of the incubation program at the National Incubation Center has been an important milestone in the founders’ journey.

Being with other startup founders at NIC has given them the opportunity to leverage the experience of others to solving their own challenges and anticipating future ones while also guiding earlier stage startups to avoid the mistakes they made themselves.

The team behind Snapthat is well on its way to adding value to people’s lives and contributing in their own way. We wish them best of luck for the future.

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