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Shadiyana- Changing the Pakistani wedding game

Shadiyana is your one-stop shop to find not just the best marriage halls and marquees online but also the best photographers and makeup artists that are within your budget.

Want to know whether the venue serves your favorite dish of Puri Channay? Or if they have an all-female staff? Or if the venue is accessible for the disabled such as having ramps for wheelchairs? Get all that (and more) with Shadiyana at just the push of a button.

Still on the fence about something? Head on over to the Reviews section where people have left their experiences of the venue. 

Listen straight from the source about the size of the parking space and whether those lawns are as green as they look in the pictures. Now you don’t have to take out large blocks of your precious time to visit each venue only to find out that either the location is not in your budget, or the menu is not to your taste. 

Also gone are the days of getting stuck in traffic jams or going down wrong turns when scouting new venues. Shadiyana brings you the information you need not just about prices and menus, but so much more; that too for free. 

No wedding season is complete with some cherished memories made possible only by the best photographers. Shadiyana brings you a catalog of the best wedding photographers including their packages, pricing, and services. 

If you want a beautiful Coffee Table Album or a Three Camera cinematic video, just head on over to and see which ones offer them instead of wasting hours negotiating on the phone.

To create those cherished memories on the wedding day, it’s imperative for the bride and groom to look their best. Shadiyana helps with that too. Shadiyana gives you a breakdown of all the services offered by bridal makeup artists, for all genders. From hairstyling to Barat makeup, get the details on what’s on offer and before you finalize, take a look at what past customers had to say about how much praise they received for looking their best on their wedding day.

Launched by a team of 2 spirited co-founders Neelam and Izza, both with an engineering background, Shadiyana is disrupting the wedding industry in Pakistan. Charging ahead through numerous obstacles, the team at Shadiyana has taken on the tenacious attitude of the founders and has received wide acclaim, especially for their content targeting social challenges surrounding marriage in society. 

At Shadiyanas blog you can find great articles on topics about marital life ranging from things like the right time to get married), to how to divide house chores as a working couple. 

So, save yourself tons of hassle and head on over to Shadiyana’s Instagram Profile right now to view the latest deals and get up to 30% off on Venues, Makeup, and Photographer packages.

Visit the Shadiyana website here:

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