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Purchasing Insurance was never as easy as now with EASY INSURANCE

Easy Insurance has a vision to disrupt the insurance industry in Pakistan. To bring about a meaningful change in the insurance sector, the founder Fahad Iqbal has developed an Aggregator Platform, where users can view and compare insurance plans from the top insurance companies in the country, and generate plans as per their requirement.

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A long association with the industry-led the founder to identify potential gaps leading to poor customer experience. Fahad realized the need for technology to intervene and streamline the insurance purchase process. He envisioned to develop a marketplace to cater to B2B and B2C customers, which served both as an opportunity, as well as a challenge.

Easy Insurance currently has 17 insurance companies on board. Companies are benefitting from improved product ratings and awareness through the Easy Insurance Platform. The founder has thoroughly researched the market to understand how it can add potential value to insurance companies as well as to business customers. It is the first platform to devise an exclusive product for SMEs. The startup has successfully taken 20 SMEs on board, with most comprising of software houses who have purchased insurance policies for their employees for the very first time.

The platform is also catering to multiple B2C customers. By providing travel, health, auto and life insurance, that can be purchased instantly online, the company is providing convenience to end consumers. The platform provides a seamless experience by taking the customer step-by-step through the purchase process. Customers can compare plans from top companies, gain online access to their plans and documents, and pay online to gain instant ownership of the plan.

By providing an easy-to-use interface, and live chat with an expert, Easy Insurance is providing a smooth transition to the customer from search till the purchase decision. The platform has received a 98% satisfaction rate from customers.

The founder believes that thorough market research and customer-centricity have been the venture’s key to success. Only two years in the business and the company has made its mark in the industry. As his way forward, the founder has aggressive expansion plans and is optimistic of creating greater impact in the years to come.

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Founder Detail: 

Fahad Iqbal: CEO

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