National Incubation Center

Investor Round Table Whitepaper

This whitepaper summarizes and makes recommendations based on the discussions that took place at the Investor Roundtable, held at the NIC on the 11th of October 2019. The objective of the Roundtable was to discuss the investment landscape for startups in Pakistan. Participants shared insights and explored possibilities for collaboration at various levels. The agenda of the roundtable revolved around discussions on the current challenges in the investment landscape, sharing international best practices, and proposing solutions for structuring the investment process in the country. The integral role of a supportive investment landscape in the country was discussed. The importance of bringing all Venture Capitalists (VCs), angel investors, government entities, and private organizations together, to boost the investment process and provide greater opportunities to startups was discussed. It was mutually agreed by all participants that extended support from various stakeholders was required to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. This was the first initiative taken by the National Incubation Centre to bring all stakeholders on the table to discuss investment challenges and agree on a collective action plan.