National Incubation Center

Power to Her | An Innovation Challenge On Female Inclusion In the Labour Force | From Swimming in Sand to High and Sustainable Growth

The National Incubation Center (NIC Pakistan) and The World Bank are pleased to announce Power to Her, an innovation challenge to find ideas to help increase women participation in the workforce. This is your chance to apply with your solutions for the roadblocks faced by Pakistani women in joining our country’s labor force.

Physical Mobility

Digital Connectivity

Education and Skills Gap

Domestic Responsibilities 
(unpaid care work)

Home-based Work

Sectoral Specialization

Pakistan’s low female labour force participation (PLFP) rate implies that the country is not taking advantage of its labor-rich demographic structure or its talent. Only 21% of working age women in Pakistan are employed which is one of the lowest of low-middle income countries in the world. Closing this gap, would enable the country’s GDP to increase manyfold.


Win Cash Prizes and Get Support to Scale your Idea

The winning teams will be given the opportunity to get support from the National Incubation Center in the shape of access to our facility, makers lab and mentors.

You will win cash prizes (taxes applicable) for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd, to help you build and scale your idea. 

How can Pakistan go from Swimming in Sand to High and Sustainable Growth, by Increasing Female Participation in the Labor Force? Send us your ideas by submitting your application below.