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PakStockPhoto – capturing Pakistan for the world

The founders of PakStockPhoto believe pictures are a powerful means of representing ideas and thoughts, documenting experiences, and immersing individuals in a hidden message being conveyed. Pictures serve as a reflection of one’s thoughts, enable individuals to rapidly process information, and convey complex messages, which sometimes words fail to explain.

Pakistan is a country rich in culture and heritage, and natural beauty. Photography enables the true colours of a country to be captured and projected internationally, to develop perceptions about the country and the people living in it. Pakistan, in spite of its rich culture and beauty, has been unable to develop itself as a brand through visual representation. Many leading companies in the country rely heavily on pictorial content from other countries for their campaigns, accessed mainly through online platforms, which fail to create an emotional connection with the audience. Photography, in the country, is limited to the boundaries of it being practised as a hobby by enthusiasts, or for coverage of events, resulting in a lack of high-resolution Pakistan-centric images.

The global projection of Pakistan as a country not only rich beauty and heritage, rather that of a progressive country, is immensely important. Woman empowerment, a boom in scientific research, success stories of our young heroes, define Pakistan as a brand, which unfortunately is not reaching out to the audience at a global level. The perception of the country remains constrained within the boundaries of being a conservative and backward society. Determined to create a difference, and project Pakistan as a progressive country, two young enthusiasts have founded PakStockPhoto, a startup aiming to showcase the true colours of Pakistan through pictorial content.

Founded in 2019, PakStockPhoto currently has 550+ photographers onboard and a database of more than 15,000 images. Catering to business as well as individual customers, the startup is not only branding Pakistan as a country rich in diversity, talent and beauty but is also promoting the tourism and photography industry, creating job opportunities for photographers from rural areas.

PakstockPhoto envisions to make Pakistani pictorial content mainstream, for it to be accessible to the local and international audience. The startup aims to empower individual photographers in the country and to develop positive perceptions of Pakistan as a brand, for its talent, and achievements to be appreciated and recognized at a global level.

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Founders Detail:

Asad Zaidi — Co-Founder

Abid Azam — Co-Founder & CEO

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