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Pak Retailers – Transforming the Retail Industry in Pakistan

The retail sector in Pakistan, being the third largest sector in the country, and the second largest employer employing 16 percent of the labor force, is a critical pillar for the country’s economic growthWith a huge market size of around $152 billion, and an annual growth rate of 8%, the industry has immense potential to cater to changing consumer behavior and demand. A growing middle class in the country with enhanced purchasing power, and a tech savvy population presents immense opportunity for the sector to digitalize and leverage technology to revolutionize retail in the best interests of different players in the retail value chain 

Shahzad, realizing the potential stepped up and launched Pak Retailers to introduce digital solutions to bridge gap between retailersbusiness customers, and end consumers. The app allows retailers to directly contact companies and also is benefitting companies by giving them access to authentic market information via the Pak Retailers portal ‘PULSE.’ Pak Retailers is providing an end-to-end digital solution for the entire retail value chain, is providing easy access to new markets, and  retail intelligence and training and consultation services to companies and manufacturers. 

Pak Retailers is also working to improve the retail experience for end consumers. We all have experienced the frustration of going for grocery shopping only to find that many of the items we need  are not available. The hassle of going to multiple stores looking for missing items is dreadful, specially for the working class. The Pak Retailers App enhances the retail shopping experience for end consumers by ensuring that products at registered retailers never run out of stock. By using the Pak Retailers app, retailers are freed from the hassle of running after wholesalers to restock items. Retailers can submit request on the Pak Retailers App and get goods delivered to their store the next day, on actual wholesale prices. So far the Pak Retailers team is serving more than 4000 retailers across Lahore and Faisalabadcreating better business outcomes that are not only uplifting the retailers but also the communities they serve. 

For Pak Retailers integrity is a core value. The startup, currently incubated at the National Incubation Center, is committed to quote accurate prices and facilitate retailers by bringing them the best business opportunities. The team is providing solutions unique to every retailer, according to their locality and business type. A karyana store has different needs from a superstore – Pak Retailers is addressing each problem in its own unique way. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced industries to rapidly adopt digital technologies and it is high time  the retail sector steps up to leverage technology to meet consumer demand. All stakeholders including companies and retailers can benefit from this transformation– happier customers means more brand loyalty which means greater profitability.

To become part of the retail ecosystem created by this startup, subscribe now to the Pak Retailers mailing list on their website and download the app from Play Store on Android here 

To know more on the story of Pak Retailers, click away and listen to CEO Shahzad Najam talking about his idea to revolutinize the retail industry in Pakistan. 

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Founder Details: 

Shahazd Najam – CEO, Pak Retailers

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