National Incubation Center

Pak Green Innovation Challenge 

Fighting Climate Change with Pakistani Christian Entrepreneurs

Pakistan has been ranked in the Top 10 countries of the world to be most affected by Climate Change. While the government leads and regulates the environmental sustainability agenda of the country, the responsibility for the conservation of the environment and its resources rests with all stakeholders, including the public and private sector, as well as individuals. 

Do you have an idea or running solution that you believe can positively impact the environment?

Join us in the fight to stop climate change. Apply to enter the Pak Green Innovation challenge, where you’ll get a chance to participate in a founder bootcamp, perfect your pitch, and showcase your ideas before expert judges for the change to win cash prizes. 

The National Incubation Center conducts regular Hackathons and Innovation Challenges to encourage the interflow of ideas and solutions for some of the most pressing problems we face. 

Given the current state of the environment, it is our honor to have partnered with Pak Mission Society to find solutions for problems pertaining to climate change.

Let's Teamup to build a green, all-inclusive future.

We’ll be looking for startup ideas from the brightest founders in Pakistan (Note: To be eligible to apply for this hackathon, one of the team members must be of Christian origin)

Application Thematic Areas Include:

– Affordable and Clean Energy

– Responsible Consumption and Production

– Sustainable Cities and Communities

– Climate Change

Affordable and Clean Energy

Developing and improving access to affordable, reliable and modern renewable energy services (solar, hydropower, geothermal, wind and others), in urban and rural areas.

Building capacity for using clean energy at the workplace, in rural and urban households, and educational institutes through awareness and skills development programs.

Promoting skills development for green practices in various sectors including but not limited to construction, tourism, forestry and agriculture.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Ensuring sustainable consumption through recycling and resource management.

Using digital tools to create knowledge on responsible consumption and production, and take constructive social action.

Manufacturing sustainable and recyclable every-day use products.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Providing access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all.

Designing indigenous smart solutions for improving air and water quality.

Using climate-smart housing to reduce carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency.

Developing local low-cost affordable energy solutions for sustainable rural development.

Climate Change

Developing smart solutions for climate resilient agriculture and promoting food security.

Manufacturing low-cost personal protective equipment for farmers, labor, factory workers, waste disposal squads and others for preventing health hazards.

Developing small carbon offset projects for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions., fuel efficient cookstoves, waste biogas capture, water purification technologies and others.

Grand Cash Prizes


First Prize: 500,000 PKR


Second Prize: 300,000 PKR


Third Prize: 200,000 PKR