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Oxbridge Innovative Solutions introduces new project- ‘Chotay Karsaaz’, making learning fun for kids

For most children, studying and fun aren’t things that go together. However, children not only learn rapidly when studying is fun, but also retain concepts for longer.  

 The latest educational kits developed by Oxbridge Innovative Solutions are bringing fun in learning, while simultaneously teaching children how to apply concepts they learn in school, in the real world.

The kits, by the name of Chotay Karsaaz, complement children’s schoolwork and bring concepts to life. 

They encourage children to think outside the box, make decisions on their own and learn through trial and error; all skills which are critical for navigating the storms of real life. 

 The kits are available in a range of subjects from Physics, Robotics, Computer Programming and Mathematics to Biology, Architecture and Art. Not only can children get exposure to different fields, they can also explore their interests at an early age. 

Each DIY (do-it-yourself) kit comprises of immersive activities that will keep children occupied for hours, while developing their creativity and bringing out the innovator in them. 

 The Chotay Karsaaz kits are for the age range of 6-18 years. Every kit comes in a beautifully packaged box with learning outcomes listed, along with a manual containing directions, ideas for inspiration and much more. Each kit has multiple projects and concepts to explore and learn from.  

 Manzil, founder of Oxbridge Innovative Solutions, returned from Oxford University after studying Education, with a vision to turn today’s kids into the innovators and makers of tomorrow. With the Chotay Karsaaz kits, kids can now get a chance to explore, make, construct and learn, with fun. 

Visit their website, and order the learning fun bundles right now!

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Founder Detail: 

Manzil Maqsood: CEO

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