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We joined hands with Abbott, Ferozsons, Pepsi Co, and Nestle to organize the first of its kind National Hepatitis C hackathon.

All you innovators, health hackers, entrepreneurs, social workers, students, and teachers out there. Let’s come together on a single platform, to share our best ideas for Hepatitis C eradication in the country.

The winners of the hackathon, will in addition to bragging rights, get a chance to team up with the top industry experts in this domain, to make a real impact in the health industry, and curb the spread of this disease in Pakistan and the world.

The last date to apply was 18th July 2021.

Let's Eradicate Hepatitis C

Pakistan has the 2nd highest HCV prevalence in the world.

We’re joining hands with Abbott, Ferozsons Laboratories Limited, Pepsi Co, Nestle and more valuable partners, to bring to you a first of its kind National Hackathon to Eradicate Hepatitis C.

Calling all you innovators, health-hackers, entrepreneurs, social-workers, medical students and teachers! Let’s come together to share our best ideas for Hepatitis C eradication in the country.

Hepatitis Cant Wait.

Thematic Areas

Our problem statements have been gathered directly from those who operate in the Hepatitis C disease control space. Based on the problem statements collected by our stakeholders, 3 core thematic areas that you can apply in have been identified. 




What You'll Get

Besides grand cash prizes:

Winner: 500,000
First Runner Up: 300,000
Second Runner Up: 200,000

The top 3 will have the opportunity to connect with all the relevant stakeholders required to practically implement their ideas including investors, Public Sector representatives & mentors/domain experts. They also get the opportunity to scale up with the support of donors and acceleration partners.

Azam uthao Pakistan se #HepCMitao​ 

The last date to apply was 18th July 2021.

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