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Medxol- Bringing quality healthcare to your doorstep.

Long waits, multiple visits, and fuel costs are just some of the hassles associated with lab visits. Is it worth it for a few lab tests? That’s what the founders of MedXol asked themselves after a tiring experience, and envisioned a solution to the problem.With MedXol, a healthcare startup, users can get quality lab tests done from the comfort of their home. That’s right — Forget about time-wasting queues and repeat visits!

For obtaining a sample, MedXol sends a certified healthcare professional to your home at a time of your convenience. They then transport the sample to a laboratory of your choice. MedXol has collaborated with many leading laboratories, allowing customers to avail 10% discount on all tests, ordered through the MedXol platform. The platform provides price transparency, allowing customers to compare prices offered by various labs in their city.

Customers can access lab test results online through MedXol platform, or even get them delivered to their doorstep. The founders started this venture because they had seen the ill effects of misdiagnosis based on faulty test results and did not want other people to go through the same pain.

With the success of their lab tests service, MedXol has expanded its array of services to include an online pharmacy and on-demand nursing care. MedXol, through its online pharmacy, delivers medicine to your doorstep with the option of paying cash on delivery. Also, you can get nursing care on demand. If there is a patient at home who requires intravenous injections, catheter changes or any other medical assistance, MedXol’s professionals can visit your home and do what is needed, at an affordable price

MedXol also allows users to book doctor appointments. Users can filter and search doctors by specialization, and avail up to 20% discount. In case of confusion with regard to choice of doctor and expertise, MedXol, through its helpline service, guides patients in making the right choice- so if you have joint pain, MedXol helpline specialist would direct you to visit a Rheumatologist, rather than an Orthopaedic doctor.

MedXol professionals who visit your home are trained to take all precautionary measures, to prevent coronavirus transmission.

At the National Incubation Center, the Medxol team found great mentors who served as a great source of inspiration and guidance. The MedXol team believes in making quality healthcare accessible and taking care of the health of its customers

They welcome you to visit their website and contact the MedXol Helpline in case of any queries.

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Founders Detail:

Ali Iqbal Bhatti: Co-Founder

Hasan Iqbal: Co-Founder

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