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Live Stick-an All-in-One Solution for Content Creators

You plan to create stellar content for your YouTube channel- perhaps a vlog or a how-to guide. You determine what you will show, what you will talk about and are excited to get going.  

You go online to search for the best equipment. But the options are numerous and overwhelming, and the best equipment adds up to a hefty price tag. You might not be sure if the expensive stuff is even worth all that price.  

This is exactly the problem Rashid, a Mechanical Engineer, faced when he was making vlogs for his YouTube channel during his spare time at university. So, he created an all-in-one solution for content creators that would not only help create excellent quality content, but that too, at an affordable price. And this is how Live Stick came into existence. 

Live Stick is a multi-purpose device and can be modified according to the user’s requirements- it can be a tripod, a selfie stick or a wall mount. It can hold your smartphone for shooting videos and comes with an attached microphone connected via Bluetooth – you can say goodbye to the days of barely audible audio.  

Live Stick amps up the production quality of smartphone content by giving you control over placement, stability, angles and sound quality.  The Live Stick team has worked closely with content creators to refine their prototype and are finally ready to launch. 

With a vision to find solution to the problems they had faced, the Livestick team has taken a deep dive  into the content creator community, and have collaborated with relevant industry players, to finally create a product that will help users to conveniently create high quality content at an affordable price. 

 The Live Stick team claims that the curriculum sessions conducted by domain experts, at the NIC have provided invaluable learning, which they have implemented in their customer journey, making it as seamless as possible.  

 With the launch of the product just around the corner, the Live Stick team is working hard to make sure the product is readily available to its customers as soon as possible. The product will be in market soon so stay tuned and look out for product availability on their website, and Daraz. 

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Founder Detail: 

Rashid Ali: CEO

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