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Karigary –one app for all karigars at your doorstep.

Karigary is Pakistan’s first android app that delivers high-quality, trained, professionally skilled workers for all your home – business maintenance, revamp, and design needs.

Karigars is operating in Abbottabad and offers 127 Karigars in 20 plus categories for all your home maintenance & renovation needs. Right from electrician, plumber, carpenter, painter, welder, mason, furniture polish, appliances tech, indoor ceiling, waterproofing to cladding, and much more, Karigary has got you covered.

The team has made a conscious effort to make finding a karigar as easy as ordering a Pizza from your phone.

Just call & hire with ease, on-demand service anytime with just a few taps. The Karigars arrive at your location, give you a consultation, and quote on the spot, for free.

Keeping in mind the safety of their users all the workers are fully registered, and complete safety and professional services are guaranteed at the karigars.

After seeing the infuriatingly difficult process of finding, hiring, and getting quality construction and maintenance work done, Pakistan with a lack of digitization in the industry. Two civil engineers and a digital marketer envisioned Karigary. A platform to digitize the construction industry to bring ease and comfort to the people.

Want your home-Office revamped? Have trouble with your kitchen taps? look no further, download the app from your play store now and hire workers from the luxury of your homes. 

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