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Investing in your eyesight is money well spent

Sight and vision are important because they allow us to connect with our surroundings, and experience the world fully. Not only do eyes allow us to view the world around us, but they also play a vital role in our non-verbal communication.

Having weak eyesight can be tough. Unfortunately, many people, especially in Pakistan end up buying substandard glasses due to lack of availability, and affordability issues related to premium eyewear. Maaz, an undergraduate student at NUST, Islamabad identified this as a critical problem, that was preventing many from appreciating the true beauty of the world, and affecting the quality of life by further deteriorating their eyesight.

With a determination of improving the lives of people, Maaz came up with the idea of developing a marketplace for authentic eyewear, accessible to the masses, and this marked the birth of Framespie-an online marketplace aimed to improve the quality of life for millions of people across Pakistan.

Framespie allows users to buy premium quality glasses while sitting at home. By eliminating middlemen from the supply chain, Framespie procures spectacles and sunglasses directly from well-known brands’ factories worldwide, resulting in at least 50% reduction in price from the market.

Getting your spectacles or sunglasses made, and delivered to doorstep is as simple as uploading your prescription as an image on the website, with a guarantee of 100% accuracy. The exchange and refund policy ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

The two Mechatronics Engineers, Maaz and Samiullah, took a risk to pursue their passion to bring about a difference in the lives of millions. They faced many hurdles, yet did not lose hope and continued to strive forward to turn their dream into reality. Today, their unwavering commitment has enabled them to disrupt the eyewear market by providing convenience, quality and affordability to its customers.

At the National Incubation Center, the two engineers learnt how to create a commercially viable business out of their idea. The mentoring, access to domain experts and guidance on human-centred design thinking enabled them to develop a product based on the needs of their customers.

The team behind Framespie believes that perseverance is the key to success. They welcome you to check out their collection of premium quality eyewear at and sharpen your vision for a sharper mind.

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Founders Detail :

Maaz Ahmed – CEO Framespie.

Samiullah Jamil – CTO Framespie.

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