National Incubation Center

Industry: Healthcare


SLOSH-using AI for brain tumor diagnosis Using a cloud-based CAD system for diagnosing brain tumor Tech: AIIndustry: Healthcare

Umang Pakistan

Umang Pakistan-a one-stop solution for your mental health needs A 24/7 mental health helpline, aiming to help patients with mental health issues, and suicide prevention Tech: WebIndustry: Healthcare


LAAF.Inc- using technology to solve foot ailment issues Using smart-insoles with sensors and data tracking capabilities to track foot ailment, and allowing data tracking and communication with health professionals through an App Technologies: Robotics/Wearable/Implantable, Sensor-basedIndustry: Healthcare

Detect Now

Detect Now Using AI to detect COVID-19 from cough audio recordings, from the comfort of your home. Information: – Cohort 7 – Incubated– Technologies: AI, Mobile App– Industry: Healthcare

Smart Feet

Smart Feet A non-invasive wearable feet protection device for detecting diabetic ulcer (neuropathy) earlier and quantifying its level. Information: – Cohort 7 – Incubated– Technology: Wearable – Industries: Healthcare

Saving 9

Saving 9 Creating a ‘safety net’ of first aid ‘literate’ citizens and robust emergency response systems. Links: Website: Information: – Cohort 7 – Incubated– Technology: Web– Industries: Healthcare


Augment Care AugmentCare is leveraging mobile technology to make healthcare more accessible by connecting patients with doctors, making medical advice on the go possible. A one-stop solution for all your medical needs! Links: Website: Information: Cohort 4 – Incubated Technologies: Industry: Finance Updates:


HAS. HAS. (Heart Attack Suspension) is a fully functional and cost effective wearable smart device that allows prognosis of cardiac arrest some time prior to impact using high-end computational algorithms and alerts concerned care-givers to move patient quickly to cardiac support in cases of minor, major or massive heart attack. The idea is to provide …

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Xylexa Xylexa developing an AI-enabled Computer-aided Diagnostics (CADx) platform to assist caregivers with automated, accurate, timely and cost-effective medical image diagnosis. Links: Website: Information: Cohort 5 – Incubated Technologies: AI Industry: Health Updates:

Self Management Training (SMT)

Self Management Training (SMT) SMT provides online self-management training to persons with physical disabilities so they can live a healthy, long & independent life. Links: Website: Information: Cohort 5 – Incubated Technologies: Mobile | Web Industry: Health Updates: