National Incubation Center


Learning Pitch

Learning Pitch- An Ed-tech platform An Ed-tech platform for secondary level students Tech: WebIndustry: Education

Opportunities Circle

Opportunities Circle A platform providing multiple opportunities, including scholarships, fellowship and exchange programs, internship opportunities and many more, to students and graduates. Links: Website: Information: – Cohort 7 – Incubated– Technology: Web– Industry: Education

Zillion E-Learning

Zillion E-Learning Committed to high-quality instructional design and educational new media development, and provides a core deliverable of programs, courses, and learning objects for the distance education, distributed learning, and e-learning markets. Links: Website: Information: – Cohort 7 – Incubated– Technologies: VR, Web– Industries: Education, Gaming A platform providing cognitive and technical tests for evaluating students’ aptitude and recommending viable career options accordingly. Links: Website: Information: – Cohort 7 – Incubated– Technologies: Web, – Industries: Education

Free Animated Education

Free Animated Education A digital platform, presenting primary and secondary school curriculum through the use of animations, in major international and regional languages. Links: Youtube: Information: – Cohort 7 – Incubated– Technology: Web– Industries: Education

Oxbridge Innovative Solutions

Oxbridge Innovative Solutions Oxbridge innovative Solutions is promoting a hands-on approach to teaching and learning of STEM-related subjects within the confines of the national curriculum in schools. Links: Website: Information: Cohort 5 – Incubated Technologies: Web Industry: Education Updates:

Teachify Me

An online learning platform for students studying IGCSE, O Level, and A Level.


Naseem is a step towards a uniform education system.

Beyond the Classroom

Beyond The Classroom Education is an educational organisation working with students in their formative years to develop an understanding of identity while building their capacity to become empathetic and critical thinkers.


Tutory is a web platform for real-time live tuition services to high school students.