National Incubation Center

To better understand the impact of this crisis on the Startup Ecosystem in Pakistan, and to equip the government and policymakers with insights to support businesses, the National Incubation Center has launched this report, ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Pakistani Startups and The Way Forward’. The analysis presented in this report is based on data collected through survey from 86 Startups based in Pakistan, and focus group interviews conducted with 10 startups. Based on analysis of the collected data, this report shares key insights on how startups across various sectors have been impacted by the pandemic, and puts forward a set of recommendations for startups and various ecosystem players to collaborate and help sustain the nascent, yet evolving ecosystem during this challenging time.

COVID-19 Impact on Startups

As startups across the world struggle to sustain themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pakistan is no less impacted. Many businesses have come to a grinding halt, some have even shut down, while most are struggling to minimize costs and keep cash in reserve. Some areas of Startup Business effected by COVID-19 this report looks at includes:

Impact of COVID-19 on Pakistani Startups and The Way Forward 
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