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Hina Shahrukh

A small-town girl, eldest among five daughters and belonging to a lower-middle-class family, I never had abundant resources, but I had the motivation to make it big one day. I was determined to change my life, make my parents proud and show my relatives that daughters are a blessing!
I was resolute and opted for Chartered Accountancy as a profession which I believed would lead me to my destination. My mother sold her gold to bear my college expenses while my father used to take me to exam centers and wait outside in scalding heat, chilling cold and thunderous rain.

That was the first phase of my life. Story of Hina Mehrban, a shy, underconfident but a struggling girl.
Time passed by, hard work and struggle went on. After completion of CA intermediate, I joined Deloitte, one of the Big 4 audit firms. I used to travel from Wah Cantt to Islamabad daily (that’s about 4 hours of commute) along with office work. I gave tuitions to CA students and got some freelance work to earn extra pocket money. All the hard work paid off – I qualified CA and joined an audit firm at a managerial position, brought my parents to Islamabad and got married to Shahrukh Malik.

Now starts the second phase of my life. Life of Hina Shahrukh – a relatively confident, active and strong person, whose husband is always there to support her and provide her with everything she dreams of.
After working in the industry for one year, both Shahrukh and I realized that we can do better if we started our own business. I got my practicing license and opened up a CA firm in 2015; since then, the firm has been growing at an exponential rate, Alhamdulillah!
Shahrukh has always been passionate about computers and technology; so, we started Hina Shahrukh Technologies, through which we are developing a platform called HSAB (Urdu for ledger) that helps organizations adopt modern technologies like blockchain and business intelligence platforms into their current systems, reaping benefits of distributed systems while keeping transition costs and effort to a minimum. Our first use-case with HSAB is a donation management system. Our goal is to reduce the chance of fraud and the cost to monitor distributions.
In the end, I would like to say that we all want to become successful but we tend to take shortcuts to achieve our goals. And it is easy to do so, but let me tell you there is no substitute for hard work, persistence and discipline.

Hina Shahrukh
Co-Founder Hina Shahrukh & Co.

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