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Ali Khan Swati

I started my entrepreneurial career soon after my father passed away. Why and how this happened? let’s dive in.

I wasn’t the brightest student in my university life. All I did was write some blogs at night and attend my classes during the day. I started my digital marketing career with little to no earning but slowly and gradually i acquired the necessary skill set and was able to earn a decent living.

My ultimate goal was to build my own company. I went for a job after graduation to learn how big companies work. 
I worked for companies like coca cola and hascol. I got promoted thrice in two years with perks like company car, company petrol and all other things.

It was the hardest decision to walk away from all this and start something of my own. 3 days after resigning and starting my own company my father died and the entire responsibility of my family came on my shoulders.

I went through the worst days of my life. Depression, losing my father, new company and family’s responsibility was too much to take on but quitting was not an option. So I buckled up and started working on #Awaami with my partner.

Through Awaami, we aim to create awareness on pressing social issues through social media platforms. Our videos generate around 200k to 7 million views approximately. I am happy we are doing something to create a difference.

We are currently incubated at the National Incubation Center. NIC is helping us in building our platform to become the leading digital network for animated short films.

My message to all the young entrepreneurs out there is that great things take time to happen. Just hang on, plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Ali Khan Swati,
Co-Founder Awaami

#RiseWithNIC Jazz xlr8 Teamup Ignite – National Technology Fund

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