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Ali Chaudhry

I live my life with a simple principle which Jeff Bezos calls ‘Regret Minimisation Framework’. In less nerdy terms it means taking actions which you don’t regret later in life. This was the reason I decided to move back to Pakistan from UK. I think I have an idea that can potentially change the world, starting from Pakistan, from Rawalpindi!

I mean an idea that can disrupt our lives like Google and Facebook. I called it #Naseem, after my mother. We are trying to develop an AI powered personalised digital tutor for primary school student

s. A tutor that interacts with students, learns from its interactions and helps each student based on t

heir learning background and social contexts.

In this year long journey of running a startup, I have definitely learnt a lot. Firstly, startup life was far beyond my comfort zone. Social pressures of not earning in pounds aside, startup life has been a constant struggle between being either a good guy or a firm leader.

Lastly, my life in London was far more comforting and peaceful, but it was also boring and meaningless. My life with Naseem is far more challenging in every aspect, but it’s also a lot more exciting and satisfying.

I was lucky to be selected by the National Incubation Center (NIC) to work under the guidance of mentors who have been through the startup journey before. It has also been a great platform to meet ot

her founders and learn from the challenges they are facing. By the time we graduate from NIC, our product will have positively impacted thousands of under-privileged kids in Pakistan. InshaAllah!

Ali Chaudhry
Founder and CEO

#RiseWithNIC Jazz xlr8 Teamup Ignite – National Technology Fund

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