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Ershian Anwar

Every inspirational story about change-makers or entrepreneurs that you come across will usually start from an event or a thought they had in their childhood. While this might be true in my case too, my real motivation came when we saw our customers’ lives impacted by our product. Anzen’s Wi-Fi switches wer

e installed at
Saaya Association of Persons with Disabilities. Their whole office is managed by people who move on wheelchairs. As part of our customer experience, when I went back to ask for their feedback, they were overjoyed about how this simple thing had added so much value and convenience in their life. Their words: ‘We always used to call someone for switching lights on, we couldn’t reach the switchboards. But this device gave everyone the ability to control everything from their mobile phone at their will’.

This was all I needed to hear!

Every entrepreneur goes through a bad patch where they second guess their every move, but this experience I had, keeps me going. For me technology that doesn’t make a meaningful impact in the lives of common people, however remote, however small, however late.. is useless. Every innovator, especially in technology field should feel like Prometheus, a mythical Greek character, who stole fire from Gods and gave it to humanity. Our job is to ‘STEAL’ the INNOVATION and make it accessible to everyone.

Ershian Anwar
CEO Anzen

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The National Incubation Center (NIC) Program is a funded project of Ignite – Ministry of IT & Telecom.