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How to emotionally cope with the Coronavirus lockdown

Fear and anxiety are in the air as the Coronavirus forces people to go into self-isolation and social distancing. The outbreak can be stressful for many people and coping with this can be a challenge in itself. Mental health experts are advising people to pay attention to any feelings of anxiety or depression. 

According to experts, people who may be most susceptible to corona virus stress include those at higher risk of infection, such as older people and people with chronic diseases, individuals helping with the response to COVID-19, including doctors and healthcare providers, and people having existing mental health issues. Nevertheless, this is a tough time for each citizen of the world. The struggle is between social isolation being the need of the hour, and social connectivity rising as an emotional need during these tough times. Here are some ways to reduce stress in yourself and others during these critical times:  

Maintaining Social Connection 

Thanks to the mobile technology, virtual social connections are possible when physical interactions deem impossible. The additional time being spent at home can be effectively used to stay virtually connected with loved ones and to create communities for sharing experiences and venting out feelings. Use this time to build strong relationships with your loved ones, and reconnect with people you haven’t heard from in a while. 

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Invest time in your physical and mental well-being 

If you have been struggling between your responsibilities and your ‘me-time’, this is the opportunity to invest time in self-care. Maintain a schedule for meditation and physical exercise, follow that diet plan you have been wanting to for ages, and engage yourself in activities that you find relaxing.  

Educate yourself using credible resources 

While most of us are digitally very active amid the coronavirus lockdown, it is important to limit use and choose credible sources when it comes to educating ourselves on the pandemic. Try to stick to authentic sources and avoid reading articles and information that are likely to represent bias or viewpoints of individuals. 

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Maintain a timetable 

If you are working from home, or attending virtual school, it is essential to maintain a timetable for yourself and your family. Lock in sleeping hours for yourself and family, dedicate a good portion of the day to complete your office work, and simultaneously engage kids in productive tasks. Use the rest of your day to unwind, take a power nap, and indulge yourselves in Netflix or a TV show to mentally relax yourself. 

Let’s get through these critical times while remaining productive and keeping our sanity in place. We are indeed all in this together. Let the sense of community prevail. This too shall pass.  


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