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I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Being the eldest sibling and belonging to a humble background, my family’s only expectation from me was to get a job as soon as possible. That’s what I did. I started working as a technician in a fertilizer corporation. From the very beginning, I felt like a misfit. I knew I had more in me and I was willing to put in the effort.

In addition to my full-time job, I decided to continue my education and enrolled in an MBA program. That was a very difficult time as I had to commute more than 100 km to attend my classes.

Soon after, my boss introduced me to the field of logistics and distribution. However, most of the work was done on computers and I did not know how to use one. I was told I would get the job if I was able to learn everything required within 3 months. I worked really hard and learned the necessary skills. Finally, I landed the job. 

I was appointed to set up the factory operations. We use to work with leading consultants to deploy logistics software. Through that experience, I learned about supply chain management, found it interesting, and decided to pursue it further.

I started preparing for a globally accepted qualification; Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) offered by the American Production and Inventory Control Society. I was working in Haripur at the time and commuted to Lahore on alternate weeks to attend classes. With the unwavering support of my family and sheer hard work, I got certified.

One day I came across a post on LinkedIn that NIC was looking for dreamers and innovators for their next cohort. Out of curiosity, I came in to attend their open house. I realized that I already had an idea and right there was an opportunity to work on it.

I knew that the major industries in Pakistan were facing the same problem; not getting a truck at the right cost at the right time with the right capacity. Here is where Time and Tune logistics come in. We aim to digitize the truck delivery system. Our goal is to bring the user and the driver on the same platform by providing state of the art online logistical services & traceability in order to modernize local shipping & facelift the entire industry.

Why did I decide to take this initiative? Well because no one else was. My message to the aspiring entrepreneurs is simple; every market and industry has gaps and every successful business you can think of has filled those gaps. You just need to identify which gap is meant for you to fill.

Muhammad Aamir Iqbal Malik

Founder & CEO : Time&Tune Freight Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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