National Incubation Center

Join Dr. Zafar Mirza– The Former State Minister of Health for Pakistan and Former Director, Health System Development, World Health Organization (WHO)for our upcoming Gurus At NIC talk
Note: This webinar will be conducted at theNIC facility as well ass broadcasted on Zoom
If you’re an entrepreneur, a healthcare professional, medical student or someone with a passion to turn innovative ideas into health products or service, don’t miss this event. Let’s hear it from the health wizard Dr. Zafar, and take inspiration to find ways to accelerate to a healthy state.Creating new solutions, services and business models to optimize how we interact with our bodies and comprehend the minute-to-minute understanding of our health conditions are in dire need. The technologies of our times create many opportunities for health innovation; these solutions may be preventive, curative or maintenance related. The time is now to collectively work to improve our health and well-being through technology.
The event will cover the following areas: