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Growpaisa: your guide to investing in mutual funds that best suit your requirements

Can’t figure out which mutual fund to invest in? Which one would be the best bet for future returns? Can’t find the time to go through the details of numerous offerings? Worry no more. Growpaisa is here.

Growpaisa is a one-of-a-kind platform that provides comprehensive information about various mutual funds so you can make the best investment decisions.

Growpaisa was founded when Hasan and Sikander, seasoned financial professionals with over a decade of experience in financial institutions between them, encountered problems faced by people entering into the world of investments, for the first time.

They realized that the obscure financial terms and mountains of paperwork to navigate through were a major barrier for newbies to indulge in investment decisions. There was no resource or platform that could make investment simpler and understandable for those without a financial background.

Through Growpaisa, you can compare funds and find the right portfolio for all your needs and get personalized assistance with the investment process. Growpaisa will work with you and take care of the paperwork with the mutual fund of your choice. Even a small investment can prove beneficial if done the right way.

The startup is disrupting the traditional investment process in Mutual Funds by making investments accessible to everyone in Pakistan.

There is great potential for digital financial services in Pakistan and Growpaisa is one of the frontrunners leading the digital transformation in the financial sector.

We caught up with the founder of Growpaisa, Hasan Shahid and here is what he had to say:

“Pakistan is moving really fast towards the digitization of financial services. All relevant institutions are working towards building digital banking infrastructure to ease the conditions for digital services which currently require too much paperwork, guarantees and regulations.”

The startup aims to be the first wealth management solution provider, to use technology at each user touchpoint, providing a hassle-free, paperless experience, involving minimal manual intervention right from onboarding, to KYC (“Know Your Customer”), to showing relevant funds and to investing.

Entrepreneurship is for those who are passionate enough to work on solving problems they care about. The founders of Growpaisa are using their experience of working in the finance industry to improve the entire experience of mutual fund investing.

They identified a need in the market and have taken the initiative to meet that need by leveraging technology to provide a simple and seamless investing experience.

So, if you are seeking investment opportunities visit their website, and make smart investment decisions

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Founders Detail: 

Hasan Shahid : Co-Founder

Sikander Javed Barry: Co-Founder

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