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Get your local supermarket at your fingertips with Grocerli

Has it ever happened that you go from store to store to find that one grocery item you really need? Perhaps you find out guests are coming at short notice and you don’t have time to get the groceries. Worry no more – Grocerli has your back.  

Grocerli is your go to app for speedy grocery delivery; your local supermarket on your smartphone, with all the items you need just a few taps away.  

From the comfort of your home, easily find the grocery, fruits and vegetables you need for the month, along with the sauces and items you need to create a memorable dinner for your guests, and even the household cleaning equipment you need to give your home the care it deserves.  

Currently operating in Mirpur, Grocerli is bringing you the shops you already know and support.  

In the rapidly changing Covid situation, Grocerli is enabling small businesses to serve their local customers via a state of the art, easy to use ecommerce platform. Riders that deliver your   groceries are trained to make your safety a priority by following Covid SOPs.  

With free delivery above an order of Rs 500 you can choose from over 2,000 products from  baby care, pet care and meats & seafood to pharmacy products, to bakery products and beverages and frozen foods.  

Keep checking to stay up to date with the latest deals in the “Sale” section and get the first peek at bundle packages across the range of their products.  

Grocerli delivery times are from 9 AM – 6 PM. You can pay with cash on delivery or via credit/debit card; all transactions are completed via secure payment gateways. 

With hundreds of customers, the Grocerli team is working round the clock to bring you the best customer experience. In line with their mission of delivering quality service, Grocerli makes sure to bring you quality products. Fruits and vegetables especially are passed through a stringent quality control mechanism so you can rest assured that you will receive quality produce. 

After the successful reception received at Mirpur, Grocerli is expanding to more towns and cities to support local businesses. Next up are Jhelum and Gujrat on the road to a long term vision of scaling to cities across Pakistan.  

The Grocerli journey began when Faisal, a software engineer by profession faced the prospect of finding time to buy grocery in his busy schedule. After asking around those close to him at home and office, he realised others were also facing the same problem. Herein he sensed an opportunity and created a beta version of Grocerli which took off immediately; he knew he had a startup. 

With the support of mentors in the NIC community, Grocerli has honed their products and operations which have helped them progress rapidly towards scaling on their entrepreneurial journey. The team at Grocerli takes customer concerns seriously and are always using feedback to improve and upgrade their services. 

The Grocerli App is available both Android and iOS.  

Avail free delivery right now by using the promo code:  “freemirpur” 

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