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If you’re ready to commit yourself to building something brilliant, then apply to join the NIC’s next Cohort! Here is where founders evolve their mindsets and build their startup DNA.

Overnight successes don’t just happen. The road to startup success is paved with hard work, perseverance and experimentation. If you dream to launch a new venture, or grow an existing startup, we encourage you to join the National Incubation Center, where founders become the best versions of themselves.

Apply for the NIC’s hybrid (virtual and/ or in-house) incubation program. 

(Applications are currently closed)

12 Months of Startup Incubation

An all encompassing incubation program for startups, following the lifecycle of an entrepreneur from start to finish. Apply now for a full year of incubation following the life cycle of an entrepreneur from start to finish

  • Learn from Industry Experts

    We curate the top industry mentors and experts to connect our startups with.

  • Custom Built Program

    The NIC program is sculpted to give you the skills and assets you need as a founder.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Gain access to a range of local and international experts, mentors and potential partners.

Incubation Process

Applications Accepted

Founders from across Pakistan are invited to apply during our incubation windows twice a year.

Founder Interviews

Shortlisted candidates attend expert panel interviews. Interviews are held across the country.

The Results

The NIC takes great care in considering which startups make it through.

Your Incubation Begins

A range of trainings and facilities are provided to startups, along with rent free space to work at the NIC.

Graduation Assessments

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ensure only startups that meet or exceed expectations graduate.


After a year of incubation you become a part of the NIC alumni network.

When you Dream, Dream Big

The NIC founders are members of a powerful alumni community that continues to drive everlasting change in the startup ecosystem. Are you the next brave, bold, big dreamer of Pakistan?

Apply now and take your startup where you never thought possible.