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Get Free Therapy from Trained Psychologists 24/7 at Umang

If you are feeling depressed for days, if you can’t shake off that anxiety for weeks, or if you feel you can’t function in your daily life because of a problem that hangs heavy on your mind, you could benefit from speaking to a trained therapist, that too for free.  

Umang, a one of its kind, not for profit, mental health helpline in Pakistan is open 24/7 for assistance with mental well being.  

Founded by a team of seasoned health professionals, Umang is a solution to the increasing burden of mental health problems facing Pakistan. Till date Umang has helped people navigate through suicidal ideation, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and interpersonal issues at home and at work.  At Umang, callers are connected with a trained therapist who can provide constructive feedback and help them navigate through the problems they are facing. After the initial call, further appointments can also be made with the therapist, all free of cost.  

Umang is recognised by the WHO and is GCP Certified for following the best healthcare practices to help those in need.  

Psychological health of a person is as important as physical health. It affects mood, cognition, and overall life satisfaction. Requiring mental health assistance is not a sign of weakness any more than a broken leg is a sign of weakness.  

No one can just “snap out of” depression or anxiety any more than someone with a broken leg can just think away their condition. Just like there is no shame in getting professional help for a broken leg, there is no shame in getting help with mental health.  Quite a bit of problems can be solved just by talking things over with a trained therapist. Till date, Umang has helped students who were facing anxiety or suicidal thoughts due to exam pressure, people who were having panic attacks, and others who thought there was no hope left of solving interpersonal issues they were facing. Even though talking with a close friend can benefit mental health in different ways, a trained therapist can address issues constructively in ways that even best of friends cannot match. 

At Umang, therapists are available in Urdu, English along with many of the regional languages, who are working at breaking down the stigma associated with seeking mental health assistance. The competent team of clinical psychologists at Umang follow best practice guidelines and ensure anonymity and confidentiality are maintained throughout the therapeutic sessions. 

Currently Umang is also collaborating with corporate clients to institute a dedicated employee helpline along with a comprehensive employee mental health overview which organisations can use to improve employee well being and productivity. This is important especially during the time of the pandemic due to which increasingly more people are in need of mental health assistance. This corporate program includes reports on employee happiness levels, identifying those at risk and recommending interventions to create a more healthy and inclusive work environment.   

So the next time you are feeling depressed, stressed or have been recommended by your doctor to seek counselling, contact the 24/7 Umang helpline at + (92) 0311 7786264 via phone or WhatsApp.

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