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Get Tutored by Renowned Teachers on MegaLecture

With schools closing down due to Covid, many students are facing disruptions in their studies. Inspite of online classes, which are going a long way to maintain continuity, many students miss out on the individual attention they need to go through topics they find difficult.   

With MegaLecture, a startup run by experienced teachers, students can get the help they need with the topics they are struggling with. MegaLecture brings teachers who have years of experience teaching in their subject area. From O and A Levels to SAT, Matric and Fsc, established tutors are available to help students gain mastery of their subjects.  

The teaching faculty is comprised of well known teachers who have been teaching online courses for several years in Middle East, UK and Pakistan. 

MegaLecture holds live group classes to cater to each topic within a subject. It’s similar to going to an academy, while at home. With each lecture focused on a specific topic, students can choose which lectures to attend according to the ones they need help with, creating an individualized curriculum that enables them to ace their exams.  

MegaLecture brings students a huge library of 800+ video lectures, topical worksheets, step by step past paper solving lectures and comprehensive notes and revision sheets. The in-depth video lectures deliver concepts clearly and teach strategies that prepare students for their exams. 

Students also have the option to get tested on specific topics and receive individual feedback from teachers on their weak areas. This can prove immensely helpful in the time before an exam when students are practicing past papers and need help identifying their mistakes. From the simplest questions to the trickiest, MegaLecture has them all. 

Whether students are struggling with stereoisomers in chemistry or can’t figure out an integration problem in mathematics, or need help understanding the difference between homozygous and heterozygous alleles in biology, MegaLecture has them covered.  

Education is facing an enormous disruption due to the pandemic, with an increased adoption of technology bringing education to students and making it more accessible. MegaLecture is leveraging the enhanced speed of innovation to create an environment where students can learn without getting exposed to the risks of going outside for extra tutoring after school. If students get stuck in their homework or need to brush up on old topics, MegaLecture serves as a perfect complement to their school learning.  

Founded by a team of experienced teachers, MegaLecture is an invaluable resource for students which is comprehensive, accessible, and affordable.  

Gaining industry exposure through the NIC has aided the MegaLecture team to expand their operations in a sustainable way and bring quality education to more students across the country.   

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