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Freshlay: Bringing fresh produce directly from farm to fork

Cooking up a simple plate of rice and curry is not as simple as it seems.  

Sure, the ingredients are cooked on a stove and put together on a plate; but before reaching our homes, those ingredients usually travel hundreds of kilometers from the farm on which they were produced to the local markets where they are sold. 

Not only does this lead to enormous wastage of produce but also leads to them being sold at a costly price. Freshlay is changing that. 

Freshlay brings high-quality fruits and vegetables straight from the farms to consumers. There are no retailers or middlemen involved to take a commission, so consumers not only get the ingredients they need but also save money. 

With an increasing population, Pakistan is experiencing a growing demand for agricultural produce. To meet that demand, it will be necessary to reduce wastage and improve the efficiency of supply chain processes.  

Freshlay is a startup at the forefront of the change for making higher quality produce accessible. Whether its apples or banana for a fruit chaat, green chili and vegetables for salan, or potato for french fries, Freshlay will deliver fresh produce straight to your doorstep. Place an order through Freshlay’s website or mobile application (available for iPhone and Android) and sit back as your produce within 60 minutes of ordering.  

Freshlay offers cash on delivery to make the whole process convenient for customers. Now you don’t have to worry about taking time out to get fruits and vegetables, especially in the heat of summer, only to get expensive produce that is seldom fresh or of high quality.  

Freshlay is also helping lift farmers earn their livelihoods. Since most farmers do not have their own transportation set-ups, middlemen take produce from the farmers and transport them to markets.  

Not only do the middlemen take exorbitant commissions on the produce, but they also exploit the farmers’ ignorance of market prices and underpay them, sometimes delaying payments to the farmers for weeks. Since no middlemen are involved, Freshlay acquires produce from farmers at higher than market rates, thus helping generate revenue which farmers can use to improve their crops.  

Beginning in 2021 as an Agri-Tech startup, Freshlay has since then expanded its range of offerings to include grocery, bakery, meat, and dairy items as well.  

Freshlay also caters to wholesale customers like restaurants, hospitals, and schools to bring the best produce from farm to fork. So, the next time you want to make your guests feel special by serving them a home-cooked delicacy, be sure to get your ingredients quickly, that too at a great price, from Freshlay.

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