National Incubation Center

Fintech Innovation in Pakistan – Disrupting and Reinventing Financial Services

This report, published by the National Incubation Center, presents the findings of a research study conducted on ‘Fintech Innovation in Pakistan.’ The study aims to highlight key challenges and opportunities in the Fintech sector of the country, and to investigate the role of tech startups in revolutionizing the sector.

The report is organized to discuss the current landscape and recent developments in the Fintech space in Pakistan and across the globe, to put forward the viewpoints of experts on what the future of Fintech in the country looks like, so that startups can collaborate with incumbents to develop innovative solutions for the growth of the sector.

Fintech is one of the fastest growing tech sectors globally

While the term Fintech has been around for many years, latest technology developments and a multitude of new players have accelerated its popularity in Pakistan and the world.

Technological advances, a growing base of tech savvy consumers with an increasing appetite for digital financial services, and willingness of incumbents to adopt technology and collaborate with emerging players, are driving a new wave of Fintech adoption.

Get A Glimpse of the Fintech Startup Space

This report includes the following: 

  1. An Introduction to Fintech
  2. The Global Fintech Industry
  3. FinTech in Pakistan
  4. Research Analysis-Key Challenges and the Future of Fintech in Pakistan


The National Incubation Center (NIC) Program is a funded project of Ignite – Ministry of IT & Telecom.