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Experience virtual worlds without breaking the bank

Science fiction is becoming reality. You can literally step into a fictional world of your dreams in an instant with virtual reality. From going on trips to exotic locations in the world, VR makes it possible to travel across the galaxy and even visit fantasy universes all in 3D.  

The possibilities of VR are endless from educating about core concepts experientially to training for practical skills by honing hand eye coordination; it is a revolutionary technology that is disrupting industries. However, VR headsets can get expensive, making a VR experience less accessible.   

Although smartphone VR headsets are much more affordable, the quality of software for mobile VR is often not up the mark. Naisky is working to bridge that gap.  

Naisky is making VR more affordable by developing a high quality user experience for smartphone VR headsets. It is a startup that focuses on concept creation, software development and Android Apps in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 

Recently Naisky has developed a VR racing experience that does not require a VR headset by the name of VR Traffic Car Racer 360. It is an immersive, easy to learn application that brings you a beautiful, practical simulation of racing. With a simple, user-friendly, intuitive interface, you experience another world where you drive on the highway at high speeds against a backdrop of spectacular graphics and visual effects. 

VR has dramatically improved the gaming experience. In VR the player is transported into the gaming universe by an immersive experience. VR provides the opportunity of controlling the game with the movements of your body and hearing and seeing all the sights and sounds as they happen which makes the experience seem much more closer to reality.  

Such an innovative technology has the potential to create an unprecedented impact in people’s lives and take industries to a whole new level.  The innovative VR development Naisky is bringing will have an impact on various sports and technology industries in Pakistan. With a more affordable VR experience available in Pakistan, the gaming industry will develop and flourish more into this space.  

At NIC, the Naisky team has received invaluable input from industry leaders about their product offerings and business strategies. With the support of mentors in the NIC community, Naisky has rapidly progressed in their entrepreneurial journey.  With Virtual Reality one of the fastest growing fields in the world, Naisky is a startup that is well positioned to create an impact in this burgeoning industry.  

To experience the super thrilling, super dramatic feeling of racing that VR Traffic Car Racer 360 offers you, download the game now!

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Founder Detail: 

Nabeel Ahmed: CEO

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