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East Law- Pakistan’s largest Online Law Library

EastLaw, a startup at the NIC, has created a database of judgements, books and legal documents that facilitates access to legal knowledge. EastLaw is revolutionizing the legal profession in Pakistan by making local legal resources accessible and searchable. The startup is building an ever-growing repository of resources accessible via its website. 

Finally, a well-organized thorough resource for lawyers, judges and students. Forget the frustration associated with spending hours perusing through mountains of physical books and not knowing where to find relevant legal information. Now, get what you need with a couple of clicks and a simple search query on the EastLaw website. 

 Keywords and filters can be used to search relevant documents which are linked to resources and content on the internet. The information accumulated on the EastLaw website, contains a record of judgements from multiple practice areas, making it easy to find reference of past judgements for court orders, under varying circumstances. Latest judgements from high courts and the Supreme Court are also updated regularly on the website.  

A collection of over 100 databases with more than 1 million documents, and over 10.4 million pages, the legal research tool provides top quality information on an easy-to-navigate interface. The website segregates data based on legislations, practice areas, and departments. Each section allows the use of category and time filters, to make the research process easy and seamless for the user.  

Abu Bakr- the resourceful founder of East Law, saw a discrepancy between practices in his home country and the UK. An LLB graduate from the University of London, he experienced firsthand the compiled databases accessible to students of the legal profession abroad. 

He decided that such an integral part of practicing and studying law should be made mainstream in Pakistan, enabling a seamless tool to help lawyers, judges and students build on their expertise. The team at EastLaw has grown under the tutelage of experienced mentors at the NIC, from whom they have learnt about the different aspects of running a startup and gaining traction.  

EastLaw’s vision is to be the premium and most accessible resource for legal knowledge in Pakistan, and is aiming to integrate its databases into the systems of leading law institutions in the country. If you are a law student, or a law practitioner, the EastLaw website is a one-stop solution to all your needs. This is the first-of-its-kind web portal for the legal profession in the country. So, head right away to to access high quality updated resources for your professional needs. 

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Founder Detail: Muhammad Abubakar – CEO Eastlaw

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