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CropDrop- a platform connecting farmers to business customers

Are you running your own restaurant, café or any food retail business? Are you fed up with spending hours on the procurement of bulk produce and still not getting the best quality?  

If yes, then hold on, because CropDrop is here to the rescue!  

An innovative startup at the National Incubation Center, CropDrop is disrupting the fresh produce supply chain by eliminating middlemen and getting quality produce to you directly from the source. 

As a business owner CropDrop knows you have a lot on your plate. To help you save time, CropDrop delivers directly to your business address so you can get back to finishing that pending to-do list, and focus more on the core of your business. 

A stringent quality assurance program is implemented for product screening, ensuring that you get premium produce at an affordable price.  

The innovative startup is not only making lives of business owners easy, but is also radically transforming the lives of farmers by empowering them and connecting them directly to customers. Pakistan is an Agri-based economy and farmers serve as the backbone of the agricultural sector. The founders of CropDrop, being insiders in the agricultural sector for many years, envisioned to improve the lives of farmers and connect them to better income opportunities. The founders ensure that farmers get paid on time according to the current industry rates with documented transactions. This has been a life-changer for farmers, as previously they could not avail government loans, nor gain access to support schemes, due to lack of documentation. 

Through the accomplished cadre of mentors at the NIC, the CropDrop team has refined their business model and has acquired critical market insights that have enabled them to improve their offerings for both farmers and retailers. 

So, if you are a food business retailer, order fresh quality produce from CropDrop. We also encourage you to bring on-board with us any farmers you know of- together we can bring a difference in the lives of these hard-working individuals who are contributing immensely to the GDP of our country.

For more details on the startup, and other startups of the NIC, download the NICSC App: Andriod | IOS

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