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Coral Doe – A fashion brand conscious of its responsibilities

The twin sisters are creating a high quality, affordable, and comfortable clothing that is ethical and sustainable

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scene to bring you your favourite shirt? More often than not, human exploitation and environment degradation would be the right answer. 

Although fast fashion makes shopping for clothes more affordable and provides numerous styles to choose from, it comes with a cost. 

People all over the world are buying more clothes, and at a faster pace, in a race to stay ahead in embracing the latest trends.  

To meet the increased demand, a lot of businesses cut corners and exploit workers in their factories.

Many renowned international and local brands have factories in Pakistan where workers, especially women, toil for little pay, with their basic rights neglected, so manufacturers can keep costs low. Owing to lack of opportunities, workers are forced to work overtime, sometimes 72 hours at a stretch, to survive and support their families.

A grave consequence of this irresponsible attitude was the Baldia Town factory fire incident, in September 2012, leaving more than 260 dead. The appalling conditions of the factory and lack of safety measures were highlighted as the main factors leading to the devastating death toll.

Fast fashion comes at the cost of environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources. Manufacturing a single cotton shirt consumes upwards of 700 gallons of water. That’s the amount of water a single person could drink in three and a half years at 8 cups per day!

Aqsa and Tuba-two young fashion enthusiasts wondered how they could possibly play a role in minimizing the disastrous effects of the fashion industry on the lives of so many people. They decided to challenge the status quo and founded Coral Doe.

Coral Doe is a socially and environmentally responsible fashion brand with a vision to make a positive difference in the lives of people and the environment. The brand aims to improvise the working conditions for factory workers and deploy processes involving the use of recycled cotton and polyester, so as to reduce carbon footprint substantially. The brand works solely with suppliers certified on international sustainability practices.

Currently focused on women wear, the startup has an up and running website where you can shop for clothes designed to be stylish, comfortable, durable, and socially responsible!

The founders envision to transform the fashion industry, to make it sustainable in the long-run. Being women entrepreneurs in a male-dominated society, brought its own set of challenges but they have persevered by formulating a sound strategy and executing on it creatively by tackling problems by viewing them through different perspectives.

 The startup is serving customers from across the world, from the United States to Turkey, who believe in the impact of sustainable fashion.

The long-term vision is to build Coral Doe into a completely sustainable business that makes a difference in the lives of not only its customers and employees but also prevents environmental degradation due to unhealthy practices adopted by the fashion industry.

Being a part of the National Incubation Center, the Coral Doe team has grown in a dynamic workspace that enables productive work.

The team at Coral Doe invites you to check out their collection and prices at their beautifully designed website.

For more details on the startup, and other startups of the NIC, download the Teamup NIC application: Andriod | IOS

Founders Detail:

Aqsa Sajjad — Co-Founder 

Tuba Sajjad — Co-Founder

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