National Incubation Center

Are you working on an idea, prototype or solution to address the global socio-economic challenges? The NIC is giving you an opportunity to become a part of a vibrant community of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. Apply Now and let’s #StepUp to make the world a better place.

Together if we step up, we can dream, build and rise-up.

Step Up: A call to the people of Pakistan to step up to the plate. It’s time to rise-up and confront the challenges we face. The world is going through unprecedented changes. We are confronted with many questions on the impact coronavirus is having on our lives. Could this lead to permanent change in the way we do things?
The time is now, hear our call and step up to create innovative, accessible and meaningful solutions for the problems of now. Together let’s create a thriving future for our nation. Step up for a better future for Pakistan and the world. Under the , we foster business acumen, creativity and marketing prowess
Innovate, disrupt and collaborate at the NIC, with a full year of incubation. Rise to meet the challenges faced by your startup businesses and aim higher than you ever thought possible. Startups from all genres are encouraged to apply to better the lives of people everywhere.
The National Incubation Center invites you to step up to the challenges of now, to think out of the box, to predict the future through data, to find sustainability in business processes, to drive-out the best technology can offer
Apply now to incubate your startup.Once incubated, the NIC provides an enabling environment to you as founders, to help you transform your ideas into viable businesses.