Top 10 Successful Fin-tech start ups worldwide

Top 10 Successful Fin-tech start ups worldwide

Financial technology (Fintech) is a term used to describe financial services which are predominantly technology driven or applying technology to improve financial services. The domain of “Fin-Tech” has a broad variety of technological interventions from personal to commercial finance. 

Fintech includes a variety of financial activities, powered by technology such as instant money transfers, QR code-based payments from smart phones, bypassing a bank to apply for loans, raising money for a business startup, or managing your investments, without the assistance of any person. 


 According to Globe Newswire, the global fin-tech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 20% and the market value is expected to reach around $305 billion over the next four years.  

As technologies continue to evolve, start ups can play a pivotal role in unleashing the potential of Fin-tech across various sectors, and break barriers to financial inclusion. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated several emerging trends in Fintech including models like buy now pay later, and has made consumers move faster towards contactless and digital payment methods

These 10 Unicorn Fintech start ups are listed as top worldwide, based on their customers and its services. 


  1. SoFi (social finance):
    SoFi is a finance company that lends funds and provides wealth management services to its consumers. Specifically, it prioritizes to cater to young professionals, helping them spend, borrow and save money for investments. 


  1. Avant: 

Avant specializes in providing loans, using big data and machine learning algorithms. The organization provides a customized approach to credit and allows the users to compensate their debts and pay their expense. 

  1. JudoBank:                                                                                                  

Judo Bank provides loans and financial solutions to medium size companies focusing on online services. 

  1. Prodigy Finance:                                                                      

Prodigy Finance is a fintech platform that enables financing for international postgraduate students who attend a participating business school or postgraduate institution, collectively funded by a community of alumni, institutional investors, and qualified private sector investors. 


  1. N26:                                                                                                 

 N26 is  a mobile banking platform,  providing a set of services including cash withdrawal,  deposit and money transfer. 


  1. Jiedaibao:                                                                                         

Jiedaibao is a peer-to-peer platform for borrowing and lending money by users at their own risk.  It provides matching, registration, collection and other services for small loans. 


  1. PolicyBazaar:                                                                           

Policy bazaar is an insurance aggregator and a global financial technology company, providing a digital platform where users can compare financial services from major insurance companies


  1. Nubank:                                                                                                

This firm is providing digital financial services and payment solutions, including free of charge credit cards, and equity investments to Brazilian customers. 


  1. Atom Bank:                                                                                       

Atom bank is a mobile bank; the first bank built for a smart phone, providing services to customers 24/7. 


Fintech market is far from being saturated. From mobile banking and financial inclusion for the underserved and unbanked, to smart personal finance management, innovative payment processing techniques, crowdfunding and microfinancing; the potential is huge. With more regulatory freedom, and innovative technologies and business models, startups and SMEs can bring about disruption and generate new opportunities with transformative ideas. 

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