An Inclusive Society

Have you ever come across a situation where you see a loved one-with special needs and disabilities, struggling to get a job and you can’t do anything about it? It becomes difficult for people of determination to communicate; opportunities don’t ideally ring a bell at their doorstep. Amar was always a bright boy with strong technical skills, yet led a complicated childhood suffering from dyslexia. Living in Pakistan, where acceptance for such conditions was low and people shied away from talking about them, let alone create opportunities for those suffering, it was not easy to progress in spite of his talent.   Hafsa envisioned a world which was open to opportunities for all-an inclusive world where people can use their strengths to excel in life. INCLUSIVE was the answer to her dreams.

What is inclusive?

Inclusive is an app- a community for people of determination.  Hafsa, the co-founder of this app saw her sibling struggle through her life and wished to make life easier for her and others like her. This gave her the idea of creating an app that provided opportunities for people of determination.

Inclusive is an app that provides a platform for the people of determination to create their resume with recommendations. It lists job recommendations for registered users and helps connect them to relevant opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of work from home practices and this has opened up new avenues for the differently-abled to utilize their skills, and gain access to good employment opportunities from the comfort of their home. Indeed, we are now moving towards a more inclusive world.

How does it work?

There are three key features of the app. Impact board provides information relevant to the user, Event listing updates calendar for events organized for the user, allowing global communication, and the Job portal that lists vacancies available in different organizations. Most events listed on the app are conducted virtually to make them accessible to people across the globe.

Emoji sign language and a ‘generate feeling’ hyperlink make the app easy to use. Currently, the app is in beta version, and is being carefully designed keeping in mind the needs of the audience. Being part of the National Incubation Center, the Inclusive team has created a compelling UI/UX for its app under the supervision of mentors and experts.

This app is based in UAE, and is available on web and Android. It will be available on IOS by the end of this year. According to the Employment laws, UAE provides for equal and fair employment opportunities to Emiratis of determination. Inclusive app is made to create a community that joins people who are alike and motivate them to fulfil their dreams

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