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VALUE PROPOSITION-A PROMISE OF VALUE TO CUSTOMERS Welcome to the second part of our exciting Business Model Canvas Series.

Tired of getting bogged down with repetitive business tasks? Whether it’s scheduling meetings or answering the same set of

For most children, studying and fun aren’t things that go together. However, children not only learn rapidly when studying

You plan to create stellar content for your YouTube channel- perhaps a vlog or a how-to guide. You determine

Often-times entrepreneurs have similar traits, ones that enable them to survive the bumpy ride to achieving their dreams.  Two

Let Stash handle your groceries so you can focus on your most important tasks and have a productive day. 

Its time to gear up for returning to work, as stay-at-home restrictions are withdrawn, the curve is considerably flattened,

Fear and anxiety are in the air as the Coronavirus forces people to go into self-isolation and social distancing.

HoNICs: Saving 9

Growing up I loved playing Pokemon. There was something magical about beginning with a weak creature, and then training

HoNICs: Abey Khao

From a young age being hard of hearing made it difficult for me to communicate with my teachers at